Centre of Interdisciplinary Competences for Sustainability

Centre of Interdisciplinary Competences for Sustainability  (CICS) is a division of the Institute of Environmental Engineering, which brings together sustainability experts and researchers who are able to develop sustainability professionals, sustainability leaders with the multidimensional capacity to address complex sustainability challenges through systemic and engineering approaches based on systems and engineering, science, cutting-edge research, and the long-standing experience of sustainable development.

CICS fulfils APINI’s mission to ensure the application of responsible solutions for the creation of a sustainable society in Lithuania and the world through advanced interdisciplinary research and relevant studies and the continuous dissemination of new knowledge and values.

CICS activities:

  • Interdisciplinary Master’s degree programme in Sustainable Management and Production (formerly –Environmental Management and Cleaner Production) has been running since 2002.
  • PhD study programme in studies in the field of Environmental Engineering is conducted in cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian Energy Institute (coordinating institution – Kaunas University of Technology). A double degree PhD study programme – of KTU and the University of Bologna (Italy).
  • Participation in MA+ and Bachelor’s degree programmes.
  • Implementation of international and national study projects.
  • International and national inter-institutional cooperation on sustainability competences, study exchanges, and study innovation.
  • Participation in international networks of sustainability expertise (BUP, ECIU, Copernicus).
  • Cooperation with other KTU departments in carrying out studies, study projects, and forming interdisciplinary teams of lecturers.
  • Non-formal education through training for business and other organisations.
  • Preparation of methodological and study materials, public education, dissemination of science-based information on environmental prevention and sustainable development.
  • Cooperation with APINI ALUMNI.

Lecturers with high-level scientific, expert and practical experience in sustainable development topics, representing Environmental Engineering and other fields relevant to sustainable development, work and carry out pedagogical activities at the Centre of Interdisciplinary Competences for Sustainability.

dr. Inga Gurauskienė
Head of Centre
Gedimino g. 50, 1C3p korp., Kaunas
phone +370 37  300 764
email inga.gurauskiene@ktu.lt