Institute of Environmental Engineering

KTU Institute of Environmental Engineering conducts research in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection. The Institute actively participates in and initiates national and international research projects, and leads the MSc and PhD study programmes. The backbone of the Institute of Environmental Engineering’s activities and research lies in practical engineering, management, and political solutions to the issues affecting environmental quality.“

The activities of the Institute are inspired by an interdisciplinary spirit influenced by the contemporary pace of life and the 4th industrial revolution, which connects the physical, digital, and biological worlds, influencing all areas of science, studies, business, and various branches of industry.

APINI’s studies cover a wide range of areas. The Institute explores the causes and effects of climate change, sustainable technologies, renewable energy, and the motivations and obstacles to environmentally friendly business development. It also examines society’s role in identifying, designing, and implementing innovations, as well as the impact of the life-cycle concept on public well-being. Generally, the concept of a sustainable city, which encompasses all of the above, is one of the key research areas of the Institute.

The graduates of the Institute of Environmental Engineering occupy leading positions in the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. They also lead municipal departments and the manufacturing, sustainability, and environmental departments of Lithuanian industrial and business giants. Professionals trained at the Institute also develop their own advisory businesses and work in international organizations outside of Lithuania

Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainability Research

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainability Research (ICSR) is a department of the Institute of Environmental Engineering that conducts interdisciplinary research covering sustainable solutions, taking into account the economic and social aspects of the environment, not only in industrial systems but also at the level of various organizations. Read more…

Centre of Interdisciplinary Competences for Sustainability

Centre of Interdisciplinary Competences for Sustainability (CICS) is a division of the Institute of Environmental Engineering, which brings together sustainability experts and researchers who are able to develop sustainability professionals, sustainability leaders with the multidimensional capacity to address complex sustainability challenges through systemic and engineering approaches based on systems and engineering, science, cutting-edge research, and the long-standing experience of sustainable development. Read more…

Our vision

Unique international leader in the field of sustainability based on interdisciplinary research and advanced studies.

Our mission

To disseminate sustainable development principles in Lithuania and all over the world through application of innovative sustainable solutions by means of interdisciplinary research, topical studies and continuous spread of knowledge and values.

Our values

We always aim for the best results, responsibly make decisions, we are proactive and believe in what we do. By sustaining our values we motivate others – the Institute‘s activity is our way of life and driving force.

  • In 1994 The Pollution Prevention Centre was established in the Institute under the cooperation agreement with the World Environment Centre (WEC) (USA).
  • In 1995 The Scientific-technical journal “Environmental Research, Engineering and Management” was launched.
  • In 1999 the first professional international trainings for environmental auditors were organised in Lithuania within the framework of the British Environmental Auditors Registration Association (EARA) (UK).
  • In 2002 international multidisciplinary MSc study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner Production was launched.
  • In 2003 KTU Institute of Environmental Engineering became the Centre of Excellence of the EU for the sustainable industry development issues.
  • In 2004 Lithuanian Science Prize was granted to Professor Jurgis K. Staniškis (the then-Director of the Institute) for the series of works titled “Development and Implementation of Preventive Environmental Strategies in Lithuanian Industry (1991–2003)”.
  • In 2005 Professor Jurgis K. Staniškis was bestowed the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dr Valdas Adamkus Award.
  • In 2007 the Institute was granted The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists’ Prize and Diploma “For achievements in environmental protection 2007”.
  • In 2008 the Institute received Energy Globe Award for the system of the development and implementation of preventive energy saving innovations.
  • In 2010 Professor Jurgis K. Staniškis was bestowed The Baltic Sea Award of the Baltic Development Forum for outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region.
  • In 2011 the Institute was granted EUREKA Innovation Award for the implemented project E! 2522 OPTISOILCLEAN (project partners – APINI, Biocentras JSC., Process Control Department at KTU, and the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry).
  • In 2012 the Institute received Energy Globe Award for the MSc study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner production.
  • In 2012 Professor Jurgis K. Staniškis was awarded V. A. Graičiūnas Award for the implementation of environmental management systems and standards, for the development of international environmental research, and for the preparation of high qualification environmental specialists .
  • In 2013 the Institute’s MSc study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner production was granted QUESTE-SI Award .

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Aidas Gudaitis

Aidas Gudaitis

Junior researcher
Prof. dr. Žaneta Stasiškienė

Prof. dr. Žaneta Stasiškienė

Director of the Institute
Dr. Irina Kliopova

Dr. Irina Kliopova

Assistant professor
Dr. Jolita Kruopienė

Dr. Jolita Kruopienė

Professor, senior researcher
Dr. Jolanta Dvarionienė

Dr. Jolanta Dvarionienė

Professor, chief researcher
Dr. Visvaldas Varžinskas

Dr. Visvaldas Varžinskas

Assistant professor
Dr. Inga Gurauskienė

Dr. Inga Gurauskienė

Docent, researcher, master’s degree program manager
Dr. Daina Kliaugaitė

Dr. Daina Kliaugaitė

Živilė Šimkutė

Živilė Šimkutė

Aušra Randė

Aušra Randė

Jūratė Šimonytė-Vizgirdė

Jūratė Šimonytė-Vizgirdė

Head of Administration, Administrator of studies



Membership in organisations


Partners and cooperation

International institutions

  • International Network for Environmental Management
  • UN Global Compact
  • UN Development Programme (UNDP)
  • UN Environmental Programme (UNEP)
  • UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • NATO
  • US AID
  • National Risk Management Research Laboratory at US EPA
  • WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network
  • World Environment Center (WEC)
  • European Environment Agency (EEA)
  • Baltic Environment Forum (BEF)
  • Baltic Sea Region University Consortium for Science and Technology (BALTECH)

National institutions

  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Ministry of Economy and Innovation
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Environmental Policy Centre
  • Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists
  • Kaunas City Municipality
  • Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
  • Lithuanian Investment Fund for Environmental Protection (LAAIF)
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre


  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL)
  • TUV Uolektis

Scientific and research institutions

  • Danish Technical University
  • International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute
  • Klaipėdos University
  • Vytautas Magnus University
  • University of Bologna