4th international conference “Sustainable Consumption and Production: How to Make it Possible”


For the EU economy to grow sustainably, we need to save our resources by using them wisely. It is clear that the linear model of economic growth used in the past can no longer meet the needs of modern societies in a globalized world. The future cannot be built on the principle of ‘take, produce, throw away’. Many natural resources are finite, so we need to find a way to use them both environmentally sound and economically. In addition, the optimal use of resources is in the economic interest of the business. The aim of the circular economy is to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible, to reduce waste and to use as few resources as possible, and to keep resources in the economic cycle so that they can be re-used to create new value.

Institute of Environmental Engineering of Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) in cooperation with The Baltic University Programme (BUP),  invites you to the 4th international conference “Sustainable Consumption and Production: How to Make it Possible”. It is intended for researchers to examine the challenges arising when transforming economy and societies according to the European Green Deal roadmap.

The hybrid conference will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania on 10-11 of November 2022.

The conference will be held in English.

Conference fee: 150 Eur full fee and 100 Eur for online participants (50 Eur for online students). For BUP members the conference is free of charge.

Online registration https://scpconference.ktu.edu/registration/

November 10 d., 2022 - November 11 d., 2022


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