Feasibilities and Sustainability for Energy Resources Recovering from Landfills (ISLAND)

Project no.: PP34/2109

Project description:

When referring to the recovery of energy resources from a landfill using there accumulated and chemically changed materials and the existing area, we have in the mind landfill gas formation, long-term accumulation of combustible materials suitable for production of solid recovered fuel or pyrolysis, as well as landfill area for solar and wind power generation facilities and biomass plantations (shrubs and grasses). Various energy recovery scenarios are possible here, the implementation of which would contribute to the implementation of the principles of the circular economy and the development of renewable energy sources. These scenarios would differ in terms of their energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, so the above-mentioned assessment model would be successful in making the right choice.
The aim of this project is to develop a concept for the recovery of various types of energy resources from landfills in the form of complex algorithm, thus providing a basis for appropriate assessment software. For creation of this model we need:
– to collect information on the quantities, properties and composition of waste disposed of at the selected landfill;
– to assess how the disposed waste are changed in the landfill and what factors influence these changes;
– to determine the actual potential of energy resources in the selected landfill in the form of a territory suitable for biogas, solid recovered fuel and renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass);
– to prepare a concept for the recovery of energy resources from landfills;
– to create an algorithm corresponding to this concept.

Project funding:

KTU Research and Innovation Fund

Period of project implementation: 2021-04-01 - 2021-12-31

Project partners: Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuanian Energy Institute

Jolita Kruopienė

2021 - 2021

Institute of Environmental Engineering, Office of Resource Efficiency Management and Cleaner Production