ADAPTO Project Launch in Cyprus – Diverse Challenges – Common Goal

University | 2024-05-15

On May 9-10, the first Interreg Europe ADAPTO project meeting dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. Representatives from KTU’s Institute of Environmental Engineering, Žaneta Stasiškienė and Edvardas Glušokas, were also in attendance.

KTU’s Distinctive Role

All territories participating in the ADAPTO project are developing climate change adaptation strategies at various governance levels. In this context, each territory faces challenges: creating knowledge and insights, defining adaptation capabilities, assessing vulnerability, and planning actions. The ADAPTO project brings together eight partners from Europe, and although each territory faces specific climate hazards, they can learn from each other on how to design, implement, and monitor smart, systematic, and responsive adaptation plans.

KTU plays a unique role in this project—consulting partners based on available scientific expertise and leading project communication. KTU is responsible for creating and implementing the project communication strategy, ensuring that all implementing partners and stakeholders are continuously informed about the progress and achievements of the project. Additionally, the university will provide scientifically-based recommendations and perform analyses based on its academic and practical competencies.

First Day: Meetings and Discussions in Nicosia

The first meeting took place at the Cyprus Energy Agency in Nicosia, where the project structure, objectives, and planned activities were presented. Participants discussed climate change impact management strategies and ways to enhance regional resilience. Discussions also covered specific problems affecting various countries and their solutions.

Second Day: Educational Visit and Meeting in the Ypsonas Region

The following day, participants traveled to the Ypsonas region, which is heavily affected by climate change. The visit began with a tour of water reservoirs and nature conservation areas, where ongoing projects were presented. Adaptation actions related to water hazards, including water scarcity/drought and extreme precipitation, were also examined.

That same day, participants had a meeting with Ypsonas Mayor Pantelis Eftychiou Georgiou, who presented the ecological challenges facing the region and initiatives to increase climate resilience.

Participants learned that the main challenges Cyprus faces include:

  • Water scarcity
  • Coastal erosion and sea-level rise
  • Loss of biodiversity due to urbanization, such as the recently constructed casino near a lake which has significantly reduced the flamingo population.

Next Steps

The ADAPTO project anticipates further actions, including working group meetings and seminars where specific adaptation strategies will be discussed. The goal of the ADAPTO project is to enhance the resilience of regions to current and future climate change impacts, through international cooperation and the sharing of best practices in the creation and implementation of climate policy measures. It also aims to understand the current situation in each territory, use inter-regional analysis to identify best practices, and strengthen the cooperation of public institutions and stakeholders to improve climate adaptation management at various levels.

The project is funded by the Interreg Europe European Regional Development Fund.