Student on the ECIU University Challenge: It was an invaluable input to my master thesis topic

Important | 2022-12-05

APINI student of the master’s study program “Sustainable management and production” Rojas Garcia Maria Alejandra together with team members Xiao-Yin Xu and Dawid Tadesse Gessese participated in the ECIU University Challenge „Plastic, solution or pollution? Closing the loop towards a circular economy“ and shares their impressions and experiences.

“The ECIU Challenge on “Plastic, solution or pollution? Closing the loop towards a circular economy” hosted by Hamburg University of Technology and the Otto Krhan Group gave me the opportunity to closely collaborate with a multidisciplinary group, as well as to come up with creative solutions to fulfil the challenge. My teammates and I devised a solution based on our research and expertise in different fields and presented our results to a team of experts in the plastic packaging industry from the Otto Krhan group. The output of this pitch session provided us with relevant insights to refine our proposal, and the valuable experience of simulating real-life pitch sessions carried out in most professional scenarios”, – says MSP “Sustainable Management and Production” student Rojas Garcia Maria Alejandra.

“The challenge-based learning method used throughout the project gave me the opportunity to build up on the knowledge and skills I have acquired during my first two semesters as an M. Sc student in the Sustainable Management and Production degree, to improve my research skills, and to further my interest in the field of packaging and packing materials. As a second-year student, this has also proven to be an invaluable input to my master thesis topic on the influence of polymer coatings, barriers or UV varnishes used in printing on paper pulp quality”, – says Rojas Garcia Maria Alejandra.