Interview with dr. Edgaras Stunžėnas: APINI is a very good place for improvement

Important | 2022-09-21

Recently, he defended his PhD dissertation at KTU Institute of Environmental Engineering. Dr. Edgaras Stunžėnas tells about his doctoral thesis and why he chose KTU APINI for his doctoral studies.

Tell a little about what motivated you to start PhD studies?

Since the field of study chosen during my bachelor’s studies was environmental engineering, I wanted to further deepen my knowledge in this field. Later, while studying for a master’s degree at KTU Institute of Environmental Engineering, I realized that I wanted to continue my studies and obtained a doctor degree.

Dr. Edgaras Stunžėnas and dr. Irina Kliopova

Why did you choose KTU APINI?

I had already chosen KTU APINI during my master’s studies. After seeing how competent and broad-minded teachers share their knowledge here, I didn’t even consider alternatives. I really liked that KTU APINI looks at environmental protection from a different angle than usual. This encouraged me to stay at the institute and continue my education. Scientific supervisor Irina Kliopova greatly contributed to the decision to enroll in doctoral studies. For all these reasons, I felt that APINI is a very good place for improvement.

Tell us briefly what your doctoral thesis is about?

The thesis presents a decision support model for food waste management at the regional level, which is based on the concept of industrial ecology. Generally speaking, a solution is proposed that would allow a specialist of a certain level to select food waste management alternatives that meet the main elements of the concept of industrial ecology. The gradual implementation of individual or several alternatives in the region, based on the model, would allow reducing the negative impact of food waste and its waste on the environment in the entire life cycle of food products in an economically reasonable way.

Is the topic of your dissertation related to your work?

The topic of the dissertation is not directly related to my work. Nevertheless, certain individual elements of the dissertation, the knowledge acquired during studies and the attitude formed successfully help to make decisions in the current workplace.